Galeria Quetzal's Artists 
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Cuban Artists Media
Augusto Cesar Bordelois
resident of Cleveland
Luis Tasset
resident of Cuba
Watercolor, Collage (Colographic Design)
Daniel Zafra
resident of Cuba
Watercolor, Pen & Ink 
Luis Tassett Haitian Artists Media

Fritz Millevoix
Fritz Millevoix
resident of Chicago
Landscapes in Acrylic
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P. R. Desrosiers
resident of Haiti
Steel Drum Cut Outs
rest in peace in Haiti
Sequined Flags

Guatemalan Artists Media

Hector Castellanos Lara Acrylic, Pen and Ink

resident of Cleveland

resident of Antigua Guatemala
Mexican Artists  Media
The Aguilar Family: 
all residences of Ocotlán, Mexico
Internationally renown Aguilar 
sisters: Josefina, Guillermina, 
Concepcion and Irene. 
Figurines in Clay

José Benitez Sanchez
resident of Mexico 
Huichol Yarn Paintings

Mario and Reina Castellanos
residents of Mexico 
Wood and Painted Sculpture, Alebrijes
Arturo Hernández
resident of Mexico
Straw Painting 
Arturo Hernández Luna (Son) 
resident of Cleveland 
Straw Painting

Claudio and Teresa Llanos 
residents of Mexico
Wood and
Painted Sculpture, Alebrijes

Jose Antonio Madrazo
resident of Mexico 
Tin Nichos
Beatrice Ortega Ruiz
resident of Mexico
Lacquer on Wood, Etched 
in 23 K gold
Dolores Porras
resident of Mexico

Peruvian Artists
Victor Delfin
resident of Peru
Rag Paper on Silkscreen
resident of Peru, Colca Valley
Sewing Machine Stitching


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