Galeria Quetzal
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About Galeria Quetzal:
Galeria Quetzal at Night
(Mexico to Argentina)
(Portugal and Spain)

GALERIA QUETZAL is one of the 
country’s premier Hispanic Folk 
and Fine Art galleries representing 
over sixteen Hispanic countries. We
strongly believe in Fair Trade and 
make sure that artisans get good 
prices for their wares as well as
providing them with a market in 
which to sell. 

We have museum quality art as well as inexpensive gift items, 

each one uniquely handcrafted.  In the Fine Arts we periodically 
have special exhibits for artists of Hispanic origin or whose work 
depicts Hispanic themes. Folk Art is the other branch of the gallery
in which we specialize. 
Some examples: 
· Molas from Panama 
· Huichol beaded and yarn paintings from Mexico
· Spanish Colonial Style Paintings from Peru 
· Fine embroidery from Guatemala 
· Mouth-blown glassware from Spain 
· Ceramics from Portugal 
· Wood carvings from Cuba 
· Steel drum cut outs from Haiti and Haitian Sequined Flags
· and of course many objects representing the Mexican 
celebration of the Day of the Dead.

The list is long and impressive. The incredible diversity and quality 
of art to be found with pre Hispanic and Hispanic origins and flavor
is truly amazing. The characteristics of this art include: vibrant and 
brilliant colors, unique designs, and the painstaking care, time and
artistry that goes into the making of each piece. 


Chancay Doll
                        Mama  GALERIA QUETZAL is the retirement dream of Paloma Pilar Grasso, 
  a returned Peace Corps Volunteer and former Spanish teacher. Paloma 
  is an avid art collector whose preference in art veers toward Native  American and Hispanic
creations.    She also loves to travel, meet people,
practice her Spanish, and buy, buy, buy. 
She lived in Colombia, South America, for over eighteen  years,  while married to a Spanish poet and archaeologist
who collected Pre-
Columbian  and Spanish Colonial art as well as Latin American folk art.  She has two masters'
degrees, one in Spanish Education and the other in Spanish Literature and Civilization. 

 Her five Colombian born children all live in the United States and help with running the gallery.

The QUETZAL: Central American bird, the male is a bright emerald
green with a red breast
and extremely long green tail feathers. During
pre-Hispanic times, the feathers of the Quetzal
bird, considered sacred,
were used in the Emperor Montezuma’s headdress.  Green is the royal
color of the Aztec 
and Mayan people; and Quetzal-coatl was the plumed
serpent of the Aztec pantheon. The QUETZAL
is the national emblem of Guatemala as well as the country’s monetary unit. The bird, although on
the endangered species list, can still be seen in the rain forests of
Costa Rica.


The name “Galeria Quetzal” was chosen for the unique
beauty of the bird, its Latin American cultural connection 
and pre-Columbian history.  In this Pre-Hispanic drawing
the Emperor is shown in his Quetzal featured head dress
and the stylized bird shows off the length of his amazing plumage.


Hours : 
 For an appointment with Paloma call 440-466-4138
Monday - Thursday :
12 - 6 pm (Summer Hours: 12 - 7 pm)
Friday - Saturday  :
12 - 9 pm
Sunday :
CLOSED (except for special events, ie. Art Walks)

**Call for extended hours:
Alex   216-773-8484
Paloma   216-744-6734   (cell)
440-466-4138   (home)

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